How to Share IGTV Videos to the Instagram Feed!

Instagram is now showing 1 minute previews of IG TV videos in the Instagram feed.

“With IGTV previews in feed, we’re making it even easier to discover and watch the latest video content from your favorite follows” explained an Instagram rep to Variety

There is a bit more to it. You have to think through how your feed will look including the 1 minute preview of your IGTV videos (that have the IGTV icon on them).

Should you share your IGTV previews in your feed? YES! Those who are doing this are getting 3 times and more the views on their IGTV page. If you choose to share a preview of your IGTV video, the video will pause once the 1 minute has finished, and viewers will need to tap the Keep Watching button to continue watching the full video in IGTV.

You only get one chance to share IGTV videos to the feed, so you have to decide while posting if you want to share it to the feed or not. Because once it’s posted, you can’t share it!

Upload your video to IGTV as usual and at the very end, you’ll see a slider option, “Post a Preview”, slide the bar to the right and a preview will be posted in your feed. If you miss this step, you can’t go back and change it. It’s easy to do, you just have to remember it has to be done before you finish uploading the video to IGTV.

Choosing preview means you really have to think through your cover image as it has to fit nicely in the feed. Your IGTV video will need to be filmed and edited to 9:16 to meet Instagram’s IGTV vertical video requirements, and your cover image will also need to be 9:16 to fit in with your IGTV channel’s dimensions:

Post your previews when your audience is watching the longest as the goal is to get them to watch the entire 1-minute preview and click over to your IGTV video.

“Pack the first minute of your video with excitement, and ideally you would start to create some intrigue or cliffhanger around the 1 minute mark, to get your viewers to tap over to IGTV to keep watching.”

When you choose to share a preview of your IGTV video to the Instagram feed, your IGTV title will appear as the caption to the video both in the feed and on your profile. 

If you love crafting your captions for each of your posts, this can be frustrating! Your IGTV video caption can be 75 characters long, so you can get a little creative there. You can NOT edit your caption after either!

This means that you’ll want to think extra hard about what your IGTV title should be. Definitely take advantage of this opportunity to capture many more followers for your IGTV channel, just move slowly through posting the previews the first few times to make sure you are happy with the way the preview looks and works and then watch the followers on your IGTV channel grow!

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