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The single most important strategy in content marketing today is video. Whether it’s video on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat or Youtube, the content you need to be thinking about creating and marketing on social for your business is video. Period.  GARY VAYNERCHUK

Diane LeoneHello! I am all about Social Content. I do things differently. If you believe in doing social right, let’s Talk! 

Diane Leone

It Began With My Love of Social Media...

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With a degree in Marketing & PR, I started my own marketing agency. My experience includes content writing, content curation, content design, design of social media pages, website design, video and image marketing, online marketing, and traditional marketing. I spent 10 years offering Done-For-You marketing, event planning, public relations, and consulting.

In 2017 I founded Social Reels after exploring different aspects of the digital marketing world and realizing my passion for all things social media. I combined my tech and marketing skills with being social into doing something that I love.

I admire advancements of women entrepreneurs and strive to help them succeed. I love to travel. So much so that I am a professional travel writer. I often travel solo, and I write under the name, One Woman’s travels. I love sharing luxury travel and finding the spots the locals enjoy. I am fascinated with Italy and France.

Social Reels is a digital video online content marketing company. Diane Leone founded the company to fill a need in the online video marketing arena.

With a combination of video, photography, design, editing, marketing, social media marketing, web design, and content creation experience Diane helps your brand successfully market online and stand out from the crowd.

Video marketing for social media is the standard and it’s not just for the largest companies and brands.

Every company needs a successful social media presence, an up-to-date website, and needs to be using video in their online marketing. Staying on the cutting edge of online video marketing,

Social Reels offers expert advice, services, and support for the newest in social media platforms such as Instagram Stories and Instagram TV or IG TV.



I’ve been asked, why do you do what you do? I simply say it’s my passion. With my knowledge and experience. I will get you on right track. Using all the social tools, I have built websites that spark attention, email marketing campaigns that keep fans informed. and social media posts that focus on engagement!


I create content for all of your online marketing needs. From written content such as blog posts, website pages, and article to social media posts, photos, and creating and editing horizontal and vertical video.


I offer “done for you” services where I can handle from start to finish all of your online marketing needs. 

You might want training so you can do your own marketing and I offer that service as well as coaching/consulting marketing service. 


The world of social media changes minute by minute. I stay on top of what’s happening in the industry so you don’t have to. I do what’s right for your brand, your business, your product or service. Need help with social media? Let’s connect! 

What People Are Saying About Diane & Social Reels

” On many occasion, I have had the pleasure of consulting with Diane on her vision, experience, and suggestions. Her grasp of the conceptual to the business skills and knowledge to coordinate many contractual aspects of a project are impressive. She is very well respected both on a local and national level. 

I have interacted with Diane on projects and have observed her diplomatic abilities to organize and communicate to large groups and on large-scale projects. Diane is a proven professional who carves a path to success in whatever she endeavors.”

Brenda Bushnell – President, Legacy Events & Entertainment

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